Planning A Private Party: Here’s A Checklist For Selecting The Venue!

Most hosts underestimate the work that goes in planning a private party. There are numerous decisions to be made, and it is absolutely necessary to book the venue as early as possible. Once you have decided on the guest list, the next step is to shortlist the best places to have a party.  We recommend that you don’t start with a budget, because the final price depends on many factors. In this guide, we are sharing more on how to find the right venue for a private party.


Party venue should be accessible for your guests and must be easy to reach. Unless you are arranging for transport, the location should be your first concern. Find a place that’s not very far from the city limits.


Some venues are best reserved for weddings and birthdays, while others are great for adult events and private parties. You may want to consider the occasion and guest and check if the ambience of the venue is what you are looking for.


If the venue is already well-decorated, you don’t really have to spend a lot on hiring an additional decorator, so that can be an advantage. Check the venue in person and figure out if that’s an extra for the budget.


Often one of the most ignored aspects is parking. Even if the venue doesn’t have valet parking, you need enough space for all guest vehicles. Ensure that you have done your math and have a figure in mind before taking the final call.


Some private party venues allow you to select from their list of vendors only, while others offering catering as a part of the deal. You can also consider venues that allow you to bring an outside caterer. This is an aspect that must be discussed, because food is what the guests expect to be the best.


Does the venue have all the audio and visual equipment you need? Does it have enough staff to cater to your party? Check what a venue has to offer beyond the place. Some venues charge more because they offer a bunch of extras, like extra kitchen, guest rooms and more.

Finally, get an estimate in advance. Make sure that all the exclusions and inclusions are mentioned in detail, without any room for hidden charges. Most venues will be happy to offer free quotes and show your around – Go there in person!

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