Planning a bachelor party: Selecting a gentleman’s club in South Florida!

Your best friend is getting hitched, and you want to party! Finding the right venue for a bachelor party can be overwhelming, but instead of settling for a standard bar or club, have you considered a gentleman’s club? South Florida is famed for its adult entertainment scene, and many strip clubs here have ready packages for a bachelor party. In this post, we are sharing important details worth knowing before booking a gentleman’s club.

  1. Find a full-nude club

As we mentioned, there are numerous gentleman’s clubs in South Florida, and some are full-nude, others are not. Before you buddy goes away with that one woman he loves, let him have the fun of a full-friction dance. Most clubs have their details, or you can even check online for full-nude gentleman’s clubs in the region.

  1. Check for packages

If you have already figured out the guest list, the next step is to look for packages. Many clubs do have party packages, which typically includes a few things – reserved area, free admission for selected number of guests, free bottle service, free stage roast, and discount on food and bar menu. It all depends on the package, but it is best to book one to get value for your money. Also, check for how long the reserved area can be used, because you if you intend to party for long hours, it is best to customize the deal.

  1. Do consider other expenses

For any event or private party, the basic booze package is never enough. Check with the gentleman’s club in advance to know the cost of booze, if they have bottle service, full-liquor bar, and also the cost of lap dances. Many clubs have options of both table dances and private lap dances – and prices are decided by the house. If you want to surprise the soon-to-be-groom, you can always ask for arrangements in advance. Knowing the costs just helps in making the most of your budget.

Have fun

South Florida has some of the best gentleman’s clubs in the US, and we promise that an event here, with your gang of boys and the most stunning strippers in business, is unlike anything you have experienced before. Do your homework, and if you plan to have a party on the weekend, make sure to book ahead of the big day. Many gentleman’s clubs here are booked weeks in advance.

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