Miami Clubs – How to Party Smart – Get to Know the Tips and Tricks

Needless to say, Miami is one of the happening and hottest party destinations that you can ever visit. There are plenty of nightclubs and discos to get you in the groove. Since it is the most colourful place, it is not at all easy to get inside the party dance floor. You should plan ahead and follow our tips to have a smooth experience. Figure out how to shake a leg with the world’s party ground.

Buying a ticket ahead of the party time

There are various clubs in Miami which are the hottest to be in. However, the entry at Miami’s hottest 24-hour nightclub is hard to crack though. With ever changing cast of reputed DJs, hip hop artists, singers and pop stars entertaining the party the best way to have a guaranteed entry is to buy the ticket as soon as released.

Depending on how fast you are making the purchase, the cost of the ticket will differ. Usually, the first-row tickets are the fastest to sell out and then the second and the third position gets sold out.

Make friendship with the Promoter

All these clubs have promoters and these promoters can do magic to get you inside. These promoters regularly cover the club and the dance floor. They even advertise themselves and the clubs in every social media. If you are a woman, most likely you can also get complimentary drinks if you can make good friendship with the promoter. Also, you will be the first person to know about any deals and party nights.

Get the table by booking it

As you know, VIP tables are the first one to get sold out. Top clubs even have prior reservations of first row tables. To book a table may cost you a bomb but it is always better to have a table than to eat and drink shabbily at the party. Also, if you get the table you can be near to the DJs and all the other performing artists. Party at Miami is a life time experience and you must make the most out of it.

Get in Early

If you could not book a table or you do not know even the promoter, the best way to get inside is to get there early and pick a place. Standard timing of party is usually from 11 pm onwards. Hence, you must get ready and get to the place just at the beginning of the party.

You might stay there throughout the midnight or you can also roam around a bit. However, the place might get filled with other people pouring inside. The best of the parties starts around 2 to 2:30 am and you must find a way to look fresh till then.

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